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Big-Data analytics misconceptions


As advanced analytics solutions gain traction, many organizations feel the need to invest in big data analytics solutions in order to stay competitive. Yet, the significant investment required in order to become a “Big Data player” often acts as a barrier for adopting such tools. I will be talking about some of the misconceptions related to Big Data analytics, specifically in retail. I will present a disruptive technology that can predict consumer behavior patterns using even the simplest sales datasets. I will also demonstrate how these patterns can be translated into quick wins, revenue gains, and better localized assortments. Real-world use cases will be shared.


Irad Ben-Gal is a visiting professor at Stanford University, teaching in doing research in predictive analytics. He is a world-leading expert in machine learning and analytics with more than 20 years of experience, including R&D collaborations with companies such as IBM, Intel, GM, AT&T, and Kimberly Clark. He wrote and edited five books, published more than 100 scientific papers and patents and received numerous awards. He is the co-founder and active chairman of C-B4 (“See Before”), a startup backed by Sequoia Capital that provides granular predictive analytics solutions to manufacturers and retail organizations.