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Operationalizing Analytics: Embedding Predictive Analytics into Operations, Applications and Machines


Organizations leveraging analytics to achieve sustainable business results must focus on embedding analytic processes into day-to-day operations to enable analytically driven decision making. This session covers 10 key processes that support the seamless flow from analytic discovery to embedding analytics into business operations, applications and machines. Participants will receive a self-assessment survey designed to help determine their organization's maturity in operationalizing analytics and recommendations on how to move forward at each stage.


Tom Willard is a Master Data Scientist with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Tom has over 25 years’ experience delivering analytics solutions to clients in retail, e-commerce, telecommunications, media, defense and public n-profit sectors. A former National Science Foundation Fellow, Tom's areas of expertise include mathematical and predictive modeling, data mining, multivariate statistics, machine learning, evolutionary computing and game theory.