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Understand the Analytic Imperative Behind Big Data - Why the standard understanding of big data (4V's) is wrong and why it matters for analysts.


So much of what we hear about big data is just hype and it doesn't help that the industry standard definition (the 4V's) of big data is mostly hot air. In this presentation we'll show what's really unique about big data ANALYTICS and why the 4V's is so misguided as a way to think about big data. We'll also look at why the underlying analytics challenges make it clear that the increasing enterprise adoption of SQL on Big Data is ill-conceived. Participants will walk away with: A concise, powerful definition of big data and why it's interesting An understanding of why the industry standard definition is deeply flawed An understanding of the type of analytics methods required to tackle big data problems A detailed understanding of why traditional IT techniques and technologies including SQL and common join strategies are inappropriate


Considered one of the leading digital measurement experts in the world, Gary leads EY’s Digital Analytics Practice. EY acquired Gary’s previous company in 2013. As President, Gary led Semphonic’s growth from a 2-person practice to the one of the leading digital analytics practices in the U.S. Voted the most Influential Industry Contributor by the Digital Analytics Association, Gary writes an influential blog (, has published numerous whitepapers on advanced digital analytics practice and is a frequent speaker at industry events. His book,Measuring the Digital World, was published by Pearson in December of 2015.