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Predictive analytics for startups: perfecting your secret sauce without going broke


Many startups put predictive analytics at the very center of their product strategy and hopes for market superiority. But how can you achieve great results with predictive analytics when neither your budget nor your data are "big"? Data scientist & entrepreneur Matt Bentley will share lessons learned from founding 3 startup companies based upon predictive analytics:,, and Questions covered include: - Is it possible to do "lean" predictive analytics? - Will customers recognize the value of your brilliant data science? - Strategies for developing your unique data source - Prediction model deployment in a real-time web app environment - Should you hire for domain expertise or data science skills? Anyone interested in maximizing predictive analytics results on a tight budget will find this session immediately applicable.


Matt Bentley is the Founder of, an online marketing tool that uses predictive analytics to determine the highest impact online marketing opportunities for any website. He is also the Founder of, a customer profiling and lead scoring service focused on the internet services industry, and GrowthAI, a platform for connecting businesses with the best marketing consultants according to their website's needs. Matt stumbled upon predictive analytics in 2009 thanks to a fortuitous meeting with Dean Abbot of Abbot Analytics, and since then has focused his career on developing or assisting startups leveraging predictive analytics to make data more actionable. In the dark ages before discovering predictive analytics, Matt was CEO of, a domain name marketplace and monetization service where he developed expertise in online ad targeting and revenue optimization, among other less useful skills. Matt studied Decision Analysis at Stanford University and International Finance at l’École Supérieure de Commerce de Marseille Provence.