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Predicting the Extent and Cost of Online Attacks to Help Sell Security Software


Incapsula turned a predictive model into an online sales tool, resulting in significant increases in overall sales lead quality and volume. A predictive model was developed in order to calculate the probability and associated downtime cost of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks a company will experience. This model was then transformed into a web-based application, which enables potential Incapsula software customers (companies) to answer a few simple questions and receive a projection of their level of risk of an attack.


Lawrence is a Partner and Advanced Analytics Practice Leader with Cicero Group. Lawrence has spent the last decade building Cicero's analytics practice where he has experience helping Fortune 500 firms solve real business challenges with data, including attrition, segmentation, sales prioritization, pricing, and customer satisfaction. He also leads the firm in predictive analytics and Big Data related engagements, applying Cicero’s deep expertise in strategy execution to ensure data delivers ROI. He has partnered with companies to help them to shift from reactive to predictive analytics by collecting and analyzing real-time information and distributing it across the organization— allowing management to make better, faster decisions that move the business forward. Lawrence is a frequent speaker and thought leader in the advanced analytics space, speaking at events such as Predictive Analytics World for Business and Workforce, as well as serving as chairperson for the Data Analytics Leaders Event – the place where data chiefs, BI and analytics function heads come together to explore accelerating the path of data-to-value. His views and recommendations on Big Data, and advanced analytics have been published in CIO Review and Predictive Analytics Times. Prior to joining Cicero, Lawrence served as a consultant to large organizations, helping them to leverage data, systems, and tools to improve efficiencies and reduce costs related to travel and entertainment expenses. He also served as a Research Analyst at Bassett, where he developed an automated sales reporting and analysis system/process that was deployed across multiple stores, reducing resources applied to the manual reporting process by 60%.