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Big Data in Cancer Application


Big Data in Cancer Application


Big data expert and deep learning expert for cancer application. Professor in Osaka University in Division of Health Sciences.

Kazuaki Nakane obtained his PhD at Kanazawa University. He solved ‘peeling phenomena (a vibration occurs when a thin tape is peeled off)’ mathematically. His research includes: (i) Non-linear partial differential equations, (ii) Numerical Computations. From 2008, he propose a new numerical method to analyze the structures which has no patterns by using a homology concept. He received ‘The visionary research’ from ‘Takeda Science Foundation’ as well as several other Japanese awards. He was the researcher of the project supported by the ‘Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan’ in Osaka University. Now, he is developing aquantitative evaluation methods for the structures (tissue) from images in Osaka University. His method can be applied many structures, for example fracture surfaces, silica gels, grains in the quenching steels and the morphological change of microglia. He was invited for international conferences of many fields.