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Real Time Analytics for ATP World Tour using open source Hadoop stack


ATP Tour - the governing body of men’s professional tennis - eagerly sought new, innovative techniques to help commentators and fans get a better understanding of the fast-paced game.
Solution highlights.

Infosys loaded millions of data points into IIP (a Hadoop based open source stack), including umpire data for 12 months as well as five years of data from the computerized Hawk-Eye ball tracking system used in the Barclay’s ATP World Tour Finals. With machine learning algorithms probability was established and published for various statistics such as: Speed of shots of each player against each other for both forehand and backhand, Speed of serve across a match at different time slices, Point winning shots, Winning statistics for players at different surface types, Holding statistics of each player at different game scores, Double fault, match winning streaks, first serve return, match points saved for each player, Fatigue indexes, Serve Analysis based on hawk eye data etc.

High probability factors influencing match outcomes were published as insights, in real time, on for tennis fans all over the world.


Sudipto Shankar Dasgupta is a AVP and Head of Engineering for Platforms group at Infosys Ltd working on Big Data and Analytics platform development for large enterprises. Prior to that he was Chief Architect with SAP, working on SAP-HANA , in-memory optimizations for SAP installed bases. He has a proven track record of developing successful product architectures and high performance solutions, his strengths are on product development, architecture design, platforms. He has proven leadership skills in technical roles with emphasis on a practical approach to product development. Sudipto has rich expertise in building and operating large-scale in-memory analytics and business platforms, as well as building and managing agile, distributed teams.