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Putting Together the Platform: Riak, Solr, Redis and Spark


In this session, we will walk through the technology landscapes involved in utilizing Riak and its integrated components - from caching with Redis, search with Solr and analytics with Spark. We will cover the nuanced complexities of real-world environments, from dual-writer inconsistencies to eventual consistency to cache re-indexing. You will leave with both a logical and technological view of how to architect a production-grade stack platform that leverages Riak KV as a scalable, distributed database, and integrates these toolsets in a way that runs smoothly from prototype to production. We will use the example of a product-catalogue that begins with an RDBMS backend and grows in complexity as business requirements require them to do so. By the end of the session, you will learn about system architectures, the databases involved and how to weave together the technologies necessary for today's complex applications.


With over 16 years of experience in medical informatics at Columbia University, Alexander has worked to design and develop clinical information systems used to exceed challenges posed by regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, data quality and research. At Basho, Alexander works closely with customers who are looking to augment their traditional stack or build greenfield applications on Riak.