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Session 1: Data Wrangling - What, Why and How? [Industry state, business applicability]
Session 2: Transform your Enterprise into Data-Driven Digital Business


Session 1 : Abstract for "Data Wrangling - What, Why and How? [Industry state, business applicability]"

"Garbage in -> Garbage out (GIGO)" is a popular  quote in the field of computer science. But is that really true?

We are now nearing post "Big Data” era where scaling data storage and compute capacity is almost as easy as pushing a button. The ecosystem of data processing tools is getting richer by the day. In such a thriving environment, data is not the new “oil" but the new “soil” where companies can grow several data driven business models. Many forward looking companies are already unlocking the hidden insights in treasure troves of data they already have along with publicly available data.

Just as gold is extracted from ore through a very rigorous refinement process, insights from data in the crudest form have to be discovered through rigorous process. This raw data is typically locked up in spread sheets, web pages, web/machine logs, PDFs, CSVs, TSVs, XML, JSON, images, videos, hand written notes, audio, RDFs, sensor signals, databases etc.

One can’t perform accurate statistical analysis on inaccurate data. So, in order to facilitate effective use of raw data, there is an upsurge in the market place for plethora of tools that ease converting raw data into usable form. This process of converting raw data into usable form is called "Data Wrangling”. After this iterative step of curated datasets, we can unleash rich analytics, visualizations etc to drive the end business objectives. 

In this talk, I will cover the essentials of data wrangling, the necessary workflow, open source tools available at our disposal and also provide comparison among popular commercial vendors in this field based on my own experience and use cases.
Session 2 : Abstract "for Transform your Enterprise into Data-Driven Digital Business"
Is your company in on “Digital Transformation”?

This phenomenon is causing enterprises to rethink their strategy as they modernize themselves to stay relevant in an ultra competitive world. Darwin's quote “The fittest survive” is more relevant in business today than ever before. The enterprises that adapt and adopt this fundamentally a new “culture" will disrupt their own business and stand the test of time.

The reason I say “culture” instead of “strategy” is because Peter Drucker, father of modern management, has said that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. So in a company if the spirit of innovation, agility are missing, no disruptive strategy has a chance to work.

So if you are someone who wants to be a change agent, a catalyst or a visionary so your company can create more value and enter a new growth spurt or a new market but are running into walls or culture that does not facilitate that, you can be frustrated like the driver trying to steer a parked car.

In this talk, I will share my insights from my own experience and much of others that I have had a good fortune to collaborate with which will help you carve a successful digital transformation roadmap for your company.
You will be empowered with practical insights, tidbits, and result oriented successful practices that you can take back and start your company’s "digital transformation"


Ashwini is a Software Architect focusing on Big Data and NoSQL initiatives. He has over 10 years of experience in leading and implementing enterprise grade solutions in pharmacy, health care and travel industries. He is enthusiastic about open source, cloud, and mobile development. At SciSpike, a development and consulting firm, he makes clients successful in adopting best enterprise software development and governance practices through consulting, training and software development services.