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Big Data + Human Data


Human data, combined with analytic data, is essential to building customer-centric experiences, applications, and culture. It’s how you build a successful strategy for what you want your customers to experience with your company. To do it well, you need to really understand your target and the people whose behavior you’d like to affect. Human data is about customers’ emotions, aspirations, motivations and goals. Layering this human data with quantitative data enables us to develop an experience-based differentiation for our service or product. You get that data by observing people in their own spaces, learning as much as possible about them, their lives, and the ways they use technology. This talk will explore the convergence of big data and human data, and how the most successful companies employ human data to deliver experiences that customers embrace and love, and that deliver business results.


As the Vice President of Experience Strategy and Insight at projekt202, Aliza Gold helps lead clients to success by building valuable strategies that combine business goals with a deep understanding of people’s needs and aspirations. By starting with strategy and moving to skilled execution, Aliza and projekt202 help companies create products and services that people love. With over 15 years of experience as a creative leader, strategist, researcher and designer, Aliza has led innovation and strategy projects for clients including AT&T, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, Capital One, Apple, PepsiCo and Expedia. Her work encompasses industries such as finance, travel, health care, social networks, enterprise support and more. To get at the heart of people’s experiences, needs and wants, Aliza leads the Experience Strategy and Insight Team in observing people in context by employing methods that go beyond market research or anthropology alone. They blend their findings with a company’s strategy and goals to generate solutions that inform product ideas, user experience design, technical architectures, and marketing plans and messaging. Aliza began her career at Human Code, a design consultancy acquired by Sapient, where she worked as a researcher/designer and producer on projects for the Stanford Research Institute, PBS and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. After Sapient, Aliza moved into the nonprofit and government space at the University of Texas' IC2 Institute, utilizing novel research from UT departments for clients such as Sandia National Laboratory and the National Science Foundation. She joined projekt202 in 2010 as a senior researcher and designer.