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Apache Cassandra Bootcamp


Prepare yourself for a deep dive into using Apache Cassandra for your next project. This will be presented in four parts in order to give you the best coverage on topics. Introduction to Cassandra: This is a crash course introduction to Cassandra. You'll step away understanding how it's possible to to utilize this distributed database to achieve high availability across multiple data centers, scale out as your needs grow, and not be woken up at 3am just because a server failed. Introduction to Data Modeling: Relational systems have always been built on the premise of modeling relationships. As you will see, static schema, one-to-one, many-to-many still have a place in Cassandra. From the familiar, we’ll go into the specific differences in Cassandra and tricks to make your application fast and resilient. Basic Cassandra Operations: The internal battle has been fought, and Cassandra is your group's NoSQL platform of choice! Hooray! But now what? This talk will introduce you to all the basic operations concepts you need to know to start your foray into the wonderful world of Cassandra off right. Advanced Data Modeling and analysis with Apache Spark: We will discuss how the storage model of Cassandra is well suited for different patterns and go over examples of how best to build data models. There will also be examples of how you can use Apache Spark along with Apache Cassandra to create a real time data analytics platform. It’s so easy, you will be shocked and ready to try it yourself.


Patrick McFadin is regarded as one of the leading experts of Apache Cassandra and data modeling techniques. As the Chief Evangelist for Apache Cassandra and consultant for DataStax, he has helped build some of the largest deployments in the world. Previous to DataStax, he was Chief Architect at Hobsons, an education services company. There, he spoke often on Web Application design and performance.