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Deploying Applications Using the Docker Ecosystem


Find out how you can use Docker and the Docker ecosystem (Docker Registry, Hub, and Compose, Google Kubernertes, Apache Mesos, etc.) to test, build, and deploy your Java and JavaScript-based applications and microservices. We'll dive deep into Docker, looking at how to optimize your Docker images, as well as how to effectively use linking between containers to make deployments easier. We'll look at tools to help with building, deploying, managing, and monitoring your containers. If time permits, well look at how the different scheduling systems best utilize the machines you have available.


Ted M. Young is a polyglot coder and architect who fell into DevOps by way of Docker in late 2013. He's a speaker, author, coach, and trainer who enjoys helping people solve problems and provide value to the business. Ted's been Agile since 2000, bringing those ideals into eBay, Google, and Guidewire Software as a developer, manager, and Agile Coach. He's currently focused on teaching the benefits of containerized deployments via Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, and the cloud.