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What Landing a Rover on Mars Taught us about Optimization of Marketing Strategies for Loan Portfolios


Analytical Mechanics Associates delivers big data analysis and predictive modeling for NASA to optimize trajectories and fuel consumption during flight. The chief constraint is mission success in all atmospheric and interplanetary conditions. The techniques developed and used by aerospace engineers (a.k.a. rocket scientists) are used by businesses to optimize marketing decisions with the chief constraint of being profitable in all economic and market conditions. In this presentation, AMA personnel will describe the work they do in big data, predictive modeling, simulation and optimization and talk about the similarities between landing a rover on mars and developing profitable marketing strategies for loan portfolios.


Dave is an aerospace engineer helping businesses predict and manage their future through analytics, modeling and optimization. He is Vice President of Modeling and Simulation at Analytical Mechanical Associates, Inc. He focuses on advanced business analytics. He guides and contributes to technology development in the business analytics space and its application to problems in industry, particularly financial services and education. Before this he worked at Boeing where he developed analytical models of flight systems