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Leverage Big Data to enhance shopper-centricity in grocery retail


A gemographic shift in its shopper population is pressuring retailers to become more shopper-centric. Retailers resort to expensive approaches that rely on panel or syndicated data to generate strategic and tactical insights that will allow them to address shopper needs. These approaches are mostly inaccurate and generally non-repeatable or scalable. We present an approach that relies on the retailer's POS/ticket information to generate insights around shopper need states, and to increase shopper-centricity.


Dr. de Almeida brings to Analytics4retail nearly 20 years of Business Analytics leadership and expertise, particularly in the optimization in-store activities and innovation design and launch. Prior to Analytics4retail he spent five years with IRI where he managed its largest Analytics accounts and created and led the Retail Productivity Practice. Over the years Dr. de Almeida has worked with a wide range of companies across several Industry segments, such as: P&G, Frito Lay, Pepsico, Wrigley, Mars, Bank of America, AT&T, Blockbuster, Nestle, Blue Rhino, Nordstom, Roundys, Accenture, Frito Lay, Wrigley, Dell, Lactalis, Walmart, Omnicom , etc. Dr. de Almeida holds a Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from the Univ. of Colorado at Boulder, was a practicing Structural Engineer and researcher before gravitating to Business Analytics.