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Voracity - Big Data Management (new platform with test data, masking, and integration use cases)


This presentation will introduce solutions in Voracity for: * Cassandra Test Data (RowGen) * MongoDB Data Masking (FieldShield) * Marketing VLDB (CoSort) * ETL SLA Acceleration (CoSort) * Mediation & Reporting (Hadoop) Built on IRI's widely adopted CoSort 'SortCL' engine and now also supporting Hadoop MR2, Spark, Storm, and Tez implementations of its jobs, Voracity is a new one-stop-shop in Eclipse for disparate data discovery, integration, migration, governance, analytics, and curation. Voracity intends to be a faster, simpler, more complete, and more affordable data management alternative to legacy ETL, Apache projects, DB appliances, and specialty software products.


David Friedland is the COO and Sr. VP at IRI, The CoSort Company (HQ: Melbourne, FL). His current focus is on raising awareness and adoption of IRI's brand new enterprise data management platform, Voracity. David started with IRI in 1988 to direct technology strategy and partner development. He now also holds daily management responsibility for the company, while continuing to oversee customer and channel growth, product line enhancement, marketing collateral, licensing agreements, and new projects. David holds a BS in Communications from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Albany (SUNY). Prior to joining IRI, he worked in high-tech public relations at Technology Solutions in New York City, recorded for the Voice of America, and reported for NBC Radio News. David also travels extensively for IRI overseas, and evangelizes on data management trends and developments relevant to IRI customers.