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Turning powerful datasets into art


Big Data Is Important, but Execs Don’t Know Where to Start - Visualization is critical to data understanding. Data by itself, consisting of bits and bytes stored in a computer hard drive, is invisible. In order to be able to see and make any sense of data, we need to visualize it. Listen to Branden Elwell to get deep insights on "Turning powerful datasets into art.”


As a serial entrepreneur, Branden has helped to start, grow and sell multiple businesses in a variety of industries to include retail, healthcare and software. Always focused on the operations and business development side of the house, Branden is constantly searching for the most effective solutions to digest data from multiple disparate systems. Currently, Branden is the SVP of Sales for VisualCue, a game changing data visualization company based in Orlando Florida. A Florida native, Branden was born and raised in the Florida Keys, he now lives in Tampa, FL with his wife and two young daughters. Branden graduated from Florida State University and is a die hard Seminole fan. In his spare time he enjoys snow skiing, golf, tennis, fishing and spending time with family.