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Democratizing Machine Learning in the Enterprise


Machine learning has become one of the most common buzzwords in the modern enterprise software dictionary. The last few years have brought together an explosion in the number of technologies that are trying to enable data science in the enterprise. However, despite the significant technological advances, the implementation of Machine learning solutions remains incredibly challenging for most organizations. This session explores the patterns and techniques of real world enterprise Machine learning solutions. The session covers the fundamental building blocks of modern data science architectures such as batch and real time data processing, visualization, analysis, machine learning, data access, etc. To keep things practical, the session illustrates the platforms that provide the capabilities to implement data science solutions in today’s enterprise.


Jesus Rodriguez is a technology expert, executive investor and startup advisor. Jesus founded Tellago, an award winning software development firm focused helping companies become great software organizations by leveraging new enterprise software trends. Under his leadership, Tellago has been recognized as an enterprise software innovator earning Inc. 500 and Stevie Awards for American and International Business. Jesus also started KidoZen, an enterprise mobile app platform company that was founded around a simple, yet powerful goal: to enable the mobile-first enterprise. A software scientist by background, Jesus is an internationally recognized speaker and author with contributions that include hundreds of articles and presentations at industry conferences. Jesus is a board member and advisor to. He is a prolific blogger on software technology and entrepreneurship