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Securing Hadoop in Real Time.


Eagle is an Open Source Monitoring solution for Hadoop to instantly identify access to sensitive data, recognize attacks, malicious activities in hadoop and block access in real time. Eagle audits access to HDFS files, Hive and HBase tables in real time, enforces policies defined on sensitive data access and alerts or blocks user’s access to that sensitive data in real time. Eagle also creates user profiles based on the typical access behaviour for HDFS and Hive and sends alerts when anomalous behaviour is detected. Eagle can also import sensitive data information classified by external classification engines to help define its policies.


Seshu Adunuthula is Director of Analytics Platform at eBay responsible for managing some of the world¹s largest deployments of Hadoop, Teradata and ETL Ingest infrastructure. He is an industry veteran with over 20 years of Distributed Computing and Analytics Experience. Most recently he was managing the San Jose Development Team of MapR responsible for MapReduce, MapR-DB and MapR Control System Teams. Prior to that he was with Microsoft and Oracle in individual contributor and managerial roles in Microsoft SQL Server BI and at Oracle BPEL Workflow teams.