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Apache NiFi Workshop


Apache NiFi is a system designed to automate the flow of information throughout an enterprise.  In this workshop participants will learn about the fundamental concepts of NiFi, understand the various ways to extend its functionality, and gain first-hand experience in building and deploying extensions as well as creating dataflows to manage live streams of data.
The workshop will be provided by Joe Witt and Corey Flowers, two very experienced people from the NiFi community.  More than 8 years ago Joe Witt created what became Apache NiFi and is now the CTO of Onyara focusing on bringing the powerful dataflow functions of NiFi to the enterprise.  Corey Flowers, Co-Founder at Onyx Point, has been an active participant in the NiFi community and conducts training courses on Apache NiFi.  Joe and Corey bring a wealth of experience using NiFi for the development and operations of extremely large scale and highly distributed use cases.


Joe Witt is the Co-founder and CTO of Onyara Inc. Prior to starting Onyara in early 2015 Joe was a software developer for the US Federal Government focused specifically on connecting a global network of systems delivering massive volumes of data. During that time Joe created NiFi, built a team and community around it, and helped navigate its release to the Apache Software Foundation as Apache NiFi. Today Joe is an active member of the Apache NiFi PPMC and remains focused on solving global scale dataflow challenges. Joe speaks regularly on large scale dataflow and data provenance (chain of custody for data).