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Hourly water meter reads transform customer service


Hourly water meter reads transform customer service


Karen Mills is the Finance Director for the Town of Cary, a North Carolina municipality serving 150,000 citizens. She has been the project champion for the Town’s advanced meter infrastructure project for the water utility serving 60,000 customers. With the advantage of big data, the Town has transformed utility billing and customer service into a proactive partnership with customers. Meter reading efficiencies will generate a net $10 million benefit for Cary rate payers. Savings in both dollars and environmental impacts along with customer service improvements have earned the project a national award and recognition for the Town. Prior to her 23 years of experience in municipal government she has worked in public accounting, healthcare and insurance. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Arkansas. She is a CPA and a Certified Local Government Finance Officer in North Carolina.