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Apache NiFi


Apache NiFi is a system designed to automate the flow of information throughout an enterprise. In this workshop participants will learn about the fundamental concepts of NiFi, understand the various ways to extend its functionality, and gain first-hand experience in building and deploying extensions as well as creating dataflows to manage live streams of data. The workshop will be provided by Mark Payne and Matt Gilman, two very experienced developers from the NiFi community. Mark and Matt have both been working on the project since 2010 and have been instrumental in leading the development of the dataflow platform. The two co-founded Onyara, Inc. and focus on bringing the powerful dataflow functions of NiFi to the enterprise. Mark and Matt bring a wealth of experience using NiFi for the development and operations of extremely large scale and highly distributed use cases.


Mark Payne is a software engineer at Onyara, Inc. Previously, he was the lead developer of the NIAGARAFILES framework. This software was open-sourced in November of 2014 and is now known as Apache NiFi. Mark co-founded Onyara in order to bring his years of experience working in one of the largest data-driven environments in the world to other enterprises and share the lessons learned from working in this environment over the past 8 years.