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Using Predictive modeling to anticipate customer churn in Pet Insurance


Trupanion integrates data and analytics into every aspect of its business. Here, TJ Houk, VP Analytics, discusses implementation of metrics and data science across the company, with particular focus on the construction of a model predicting customer churn.


Trupanion offers medical insurance for cats and dogs in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, and integrates data throughout the company. TJ Houk has a background in finance and actuarial science, and has grown the Analytics team from a single person to 10 cross-discipline professionals as Trupanion has grown from upstart to category leader in medical insurance for cats and dogs. The Analytics Team is responsible for Business Intelligence, Actuarial Services, and Financial Planning & Analysis, and supports all departments across the company. TJ is passionate about building strong, analytical teams, and integrating insights from those teams across organizations.