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Hadoop Management with Apache Ambari


The primary stakeholders of an enterprise Hadoop environment need capabilities beyond provisioning and managing clusters. Apache Ambari is a 100% open-source project providing a one of a kind cross functional and multi-faceted cluster management platform, capable of providing a single point for cluster access that caters to all of the involved stakeholders. In this session, we will show how Ambari can help simplify your Hadoop management. You will be introduced to a wide range of Ambari features: Stack Orchestration, Rolling Upgrades, Kerberos Automation, Ambari Alerting, Metrics and Views framework, Enhanced Dashboards, Smart Configuration. This talk will include technical deep dive into the sub-system architectures, along with short demonstrations to showcase these features.


Jayush Luniya is a Member of Technical Staff at Hortonworks. He is an active Apache Ambari Committer, Apache Ambari PMC Member and Technical Lead for Apache Ambari support on Windows. Prior to joining Hortonworks he has worked for several years at Microsoft on a wide range of projects. He received his Masters in Computer Science from North Carolina State University in 2005.