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Convert NYSE raw data into dashboard using Hadoop eco system with no programming using SQL/Hive Query & Tableau


As part of the 2 hour demo I will  upload NYSE data to Hadoop using Hue, process it using Hive and then generate report using BI tool. Targeted audience are any one in IT who are curious about exploring Big Data for their Enterprise level reporting or analytics requirements.

1) Identify, download and collection of NYSE data

2) Format data and upload to Hadoop using Hue Web Interface

3) Process and stage data using Hive

4) Generate reports and dashboard using Tableau Public

5) Review the report and dashboard


11 years of extensive experience in implementing scalable Enterprise level data driven applications ranging from 50 GB to 5 PB. I have expert level knowledge in Hadoop eco system, HBase, Cassandra, Oracle, ETL, Data Warehousing etc.