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Spark & Spark Streaming


Training on Spark. Apache Spark is an open-source cluster computing framework. Spark Streaming leverages Spark Core's fast scheduling capability to perform streaming analytics. We will demo our real time streaming over Spark.


Praveen Rachabattuni is a technical team lead at Sigmoid Analytics. His areas of expertise includes Real Time Big Data Analytics using open source technologies like Apache Spark, Shark and Pig on Spark. He is working as a committer on the Apache Pig project and contributing for Pig on Spark . He has also worked on building json APIs for Spark tasks data, consumable by custom dashboards or tools. Sigmoid Analytics has worked with over 25 customers in the Big data space, including several bay area companies like Pubnub, FusionOps & NBC. We work with companies to get them real-time insights on terabytes of data using in-memory Apache Shark warehouse & streaming data input using Apache Spark.