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Using Big Data to Track Millions of HDDs and Predictively Create Better Customer Service


Following up on Steve’s use of Amazon last year, Steve will discuss HGST’s innovation in capturing ML data from across its manufacturing processes and developing a Big Data Platform that utilizes manufacturing data. The Big Data Platform enables detailed operational and logistics tracking of the millions of hard drives that HGST produces each year. HGST uses this manufacturing data to identify defects in batches, and can predictively analyze effects on any individual drive – out of the millions being produced every year. This platform utilizes information across 1,200+ tables from MySQL, NoSQL, and Hadoop relational databases around the world, and can visualize information across JMP, Tableau, IBM SPSS, and SAS to support all phases of product development, manufacturing, testing and support. This allows HGST to improve its tracking of each individual hard drive it produces, and proactively identify issues that could affect customers, before it happens.


Carey has over 15 years of experience in scoping, leading, and implementing Business Intelligence solutions from both the business and IT perspective. Skilled in BI technical and consumer knowledge, Carey also has extensive experience developing Enterprise BI and DW Strategies including roadmap development for data integration, analytical solutions, and data quality programs. She has held Analytics leadership roles with companies like Amylin, Capital One, Disney and others. The current president of the San Diego Chapter of The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) and a Certified Business Intelligence Professional, Carey has been responsible for the development and implementation of a vast number of Marketing, Financial, Product, and Enterprise-level data warehouse solutions.