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Data analytics and digital strategy - the future of learning


The explosion of data and rapid advances in digital technologies are fueling what's been coined "digital disruption" across all sectors. For example, digital disruption is challenging conventional learning, teaching and research models in Higher Education and causing upheaval on a scale that has never been seen before. Central to this is a relatively simple concept: data and information can now be moved around more quickly than ever before. In this talk I will explore a number areas where change is happening, and some examples of how we've used data science to inform strategy decisions, help to understand our student population and ideas for new and more sophisticated insight generation using new data sources.


Associate Professor James Rabeau currently leads the strategy portfolio at Macquarie University in Sydney Australia. He is a physicist by training and active in research and development in the growing Quantum Information Technology industry. Besides his academic career, James has been a Director in the Deloitte data analytics practice and worked in early development of digital image sensor technology. A key area of interest is the interface between science and industry and the global knowledge economy.