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Big Data, Streaming Data Processing Systems Architecture, Distributed Systems design and deployment.


With 16 years of experience building and designing highly scalable internet facing systems and highly effective technology teams. Most recently (2008 to now) I have created numerous streaming big data applications for real time marketing analytics, hotel management, political campaign monitoring, medical sensors and real time surveys tools. I expect to be able to contribute substantially to the panel discussion on Big Data/IoT to which I have been invited to participate.


Located in San Francisco Bay Area, Kent Langley is currently the founder, CEO & CTO of Ekho, Inc. a Data Analytics firm. He is an entrepreneur and big data systems/operations expert with a focus on building/assisting companies wanting to deploy scalable distributed systems and effective technology teams. Kent is a faculty member at Singularity University and public speaker. He teaches primarily Big Data/Data Science and Exponential Organizations. He teaches groups of 10-200 people; including the most senior executives of several F100 companies. He teaches, mentors and advises at SU the Executive Program Participants, the Graduate Studies Program and custom corporate programs around the world. Recent lectures include companies such as Dow Agrosciences, Ernst and Young Irish Entreprenuer of the Year, Grupo Brescia, Bayer, IAG, AB Inbev, Ingersol-Rand, Outsell INC, and The Coca-Cola Company. “Data Science is the process of making data insightful and actionable.” -K. Langley Kent designs, builds, and operates teams and technology departments that run complex distributed cloud native systems for companies. A recent list of startups he has done this for are nScaled, Revinate, Zignal Labs, Direct Dermatology, Ekho and Invicta Medical. As a consultant Kent has designed and built systems and teams for large organizations like Dell, Autodesk, CA Lottery. Building businesses with strong scalable teams, processes and cutting edge cloud native technologies is Kent's passion. Recently Kent began researching two key areas for future opportunities. One, the impact and potential disruption that data and its use or lack thereof can have on corporations small and large. Two, the growth, impact and opportunities associated with the Internet of Things and Block Chain. Specialties: Big Data/Data Science, Exponential Technology Disruption, Data Analytics, Social Media, Distributed Systems, Cloud Native Applications, Cloud Computing, Technology Operations, Scalability, Technology Start Ups, Exponential Organizations, Teaching and Public Speaking.