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Metadata Driven Architecture


Most Big Data isn’t really so “big,” but may be regarded as such by virtue of being platformed in Hadoop, MongoDB, or other Big Data environments – there are actually some environments dealing with 5, 10, 20, even 50 Petabytes or more. Extremely large domain complex environments are problematic for traditional large scale and rational solutions like Teradata and IBM/Netezza, with other challenging issues for NoSQL solutions like Hadoop, MongoDB, and Cassandra – all leaving companies struggling to cope with this vast amount of data within their already strained infrastructures. Gaining insight from these super large complex environments requires companies to abandon conventional ways of ingesting and interrogating data, and instead to re-think their goals in order to achieve actionable insight within a useful timeframe. Providing guidance for companies to address this need, Don DeLoach will explore the use of background generated metadata and the ability to produce highly valid approximate answers with orders of magnitude, and with less time and resources, illustrated by use-cases in security network intrusion detection, digital media audience profiling, and high frequency trading algorithm development.


Don DeLoach is CEO and President of Infobright, provider of a purpose-built platform for storing and analyzing machine data. Under Don’s leadership Infobright has grown significantly, with a strong presence in embedded solutions, especially in the networking and telecommunications industry. Don has more than 30 years of software industry experience, with demonstrated success building software companies with extensive sales, marketing, and international experience. Don joined Infobright after serving as CEO of Aleri, the complex event processing company, which was acquired by Sybase in February 2010. Prior to Aleri, Don served as President and CEO of YOUcentric, a CRM software company, where he led the growth of the company before being acquired by JD Edwards in 2001. Prior to YOUcentric, Don spent five years in senior roles at Sybase. He has also served as a Director at Broadbeam Corporation and Chairman of the Board at Apropos Inc. Don currently also serves on the Executive Board of the Illinois Technology Association, is co-chairman of the ITA Internet of Things Council, and is on the Board of the Juvenile Protective Association.