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Healthcare: Big data approach to risk assessment


Recent regulations have empowered the consumers, making them the primary drivers of the healthcare market. Consumers are bearing a growing share of the costs associated with healthcare – as such, they are looking to spend their first dollar more optimally and expecting more tailored care in return. Likewise, risk-bearing entities are trying to better understand contemporary consumers in terms of risk, geography and healthcare behaviors. Traditional methods involving analysis of claims have failed to provide that understanding. Where these traditional approaches to risk management fail, big data enables risk-bearing entities to amalgamate data from multiple sources to generate actionable information. This presentation describes one such approach.


Badri is a Director in the National Strategy practice with focus on Analytics in healthcare. He specializes in innovative and strategic use of information to create products and services to serve stakeholders in healthcare Prior to PwC, Badri founded Vittala, a healthcare analytics company. The clients have included a mix of healthcare analytics product and service vendors, payors and medical device manufacturers. Previously, Badri was a vice president of analytics at UnitedHealth Group where he started and ran the analytics function for a Disease prevention and control start-up. He has led many product development activities that have resulted in long-term revenues or been spun off into independent businesses. Badri holds several patents that power businesses in healthcare analytics.