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How to better secure data in Hadoop, SQL and Big Data Environments


More and more sensitive data are stored in Hadoop, SQL and Big Data platforms. As a result, your company might be at a greater risk of massive amounts of records being exposed when hackers get access to your Big Data environment using stolen but valid user credentials. Enterprises need to put in place tighter control to remediate Hadoop’s lack of enterprise-grade data access controls and prevent sensitive information from ever being exposed. Join this session to discuss industry best practices and advances in data-centric security that will empower you to deploy Hadoop and Big Data projects with peace of mind, including: • Deploying consistent policies based on user role or other business data across the enterprise • Fine-grained data access control (row, column, cell, and partial cell security) • Dynamic data masking and stealth analytics • Auditing data usage to detect unusual data activity • Ensuring full regulatory compliance (SOX, PCI, PII, and more)


Eric is an experienced technology executive who has led multiple Silicon Valley companies to success. Prior to joining as CEO of BlueTalon, Eric was an Executive-in-Residence at Scale Venture Partners, a leading expansion-stage venture capital firm with an extensive Cloud, SaaS, and big data portfolio.