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Big Data in Healthcare and Computational Advertising


Big Data Analytics in the Trenches and the Board Room we describe the use of multi-modal prediction,analytics, information extraction and complex search, in Silicon Valley firms. A host of areas ranging from Healthcare Analytics to Computational Advertising are covered. The very significant industrial impact is also discussed, as well as deployment issues.


Ram Akella Professor and Director University of California • Ram Akella is Professor of Information Systems and Technology Management, and Director of the Center for Large Scale Analytics and Smart Services (CLASS) at the University of California, including KISMT; his appointment at Berkeley is at the School of Information, and at Stanford has been in Management Science and Engineering, and in Informatics and Medicine. His current interests span Big Data Analytics (Department of Commerce/NIST/NSF – Mining Big Data Fusion from Multiple Sources and Types and Temporal Prediction), Dynamic Bayesian Recommender Systems and Personalization (Google), Computational Advertising (with Yahoo), Online Marketing and Attribution in Marketplaces and with dynamics (AOL Faculty Award), Native Advertising (NativeX), Customer and Product Health - Social Media & Web Marketing Analytics (HP), Query Intent Detection in Sponsored Search (Microsoft Faculty Award), Social Game Analytics (Claritics), Machine Learning, Interactive Information Retrieval (SAP), Information Extraction and Service Analytics (Cisco), Data, Text, Image and Video Mining (NASA), Healthcare Analytics (IBM Faculty Award, CITRIS), Energy Analytics(CITRIS). His broader interests span Financial Engineering, Supply Chain, Innovation, Product-Service Analytics, Pricing and Costing. He has worked with over 200 firms in domains ranging from semiconductors, PCs software, and auto to food. Ram has straddled Engineering, Management, Computer Science, Information Sciences, and Medicine, through appointments at Carnegie Mellon (Associate Professor between the Business School and Computer Science), and then at MIT, Berkeley and Stanford, including forming Technology and Information Management (TIM) at UCSC as Founding Director. He followed up his BS and PhD in EECS at IIT Madras and IISc, Bangalore, with postdoctoral appointments at Harvard and MIT. His editorial and program committee roles span IEEE, INFORMS, IIE, and ACM. His students have gone on to be faculty and department and Endowed Chairs at major schools such as University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Northwestern University, Columbia University, NYU, USC, and the London Business School, or executives, entrepreneurs, VCs, and lawyers (AT Kearney, BCG, Juniper, Intel Capital, Spoke, MerchantCircle, Cooley LLP, Amazon, eBay, etc.). His industry board memberships include the Unit Trust of India Ventures and the IAB, Ericsson, NA. He enjoys receiving stock from appreciative executives.