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Predictive marketing software


In 2011, Marc Andreessen famously opined for the Wall Street Journal that “software is eating the world.” His observation has proven true in many sectors of the economy, and especially so in marketing. Marketing software is becoming increasingly intelligent, with vendors building predictive algorithms to improve every aspect of demand generation and sales. But it’s only as good as the data fueling those algorithms.


Maria is the co-founder/scientist of Orb Intelligence, a company that provides business information for marketing software vendors and B2B marketing agencies. She is responsible for data crawling and integration system and designs algorithms to make use of the data for B2B marketing tasks. Maria works closely with clients of Orb Intelligence to integrate the data into marketing software for predictive lead scoring, prospecting, personalized lead nurturing and reducing customer churn. Previously, Maria worked for Yandex, a leading Russian web search company, where she built social search product for the US market. In 2009 she co-founded news personalization startup TweetedTimes which was acquired by Yandex in 2011. She received her PhD in Computer Science from ETH Zurich, Switzerland.