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8 Data Science Learnings from Intuit’s Approach to Detecting Payments Fraud and Risk


Intuit’s payments business has evolved from using rules, to models, to a big data “modeling ecosystem” that stresses diversity and utilizes an eclectic arsenal of models, systems, and advanced analytical tools. Josh Frank, Manager of Intuit’s Risk Modeling and Decision Sciences Team, discusses this journey and the key lessons learned. The 8 Lessons that will be the focus here are broadly applicable to other types of real-world predictive modeling work and go beyond textbook pros and cons for various modeling techniques.


Josh Frank works at Intuit’s Payments Processing Division as the Manager of Risk Modeling and Data Sciences. Josh has his Ph.D. in Economics as well as an MBA. Previously Josh worked as a Senior Researcher for the Center for Responsible Lending (a think tank/advocacy organization), as a professor of economics, an economic forecaster for state government, co-founded a non-profit organization, and managed various functions at a top ten credit card issuer. Josh has had numerous newspaper/television interviews from major media outlets as well as academic publications.