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Connecting the Dining Dots: Enabling a Personalized Dining Experience at OpenTable


At OpenTable, we help diners find the best dining experiences, wherever they travel. One of the key problems for accomplishing this is providing personalized recommendations. We have been leveraging our large corpus of unstructured reviews to build models to improve the accuracy of these recommendations. We will discuss how we stitch together learnings from various sources into a seamless experience for the diner.


Sudeep Das is a Data Scientist at OpenTable, where his main focus is on mining reviews and restaurant data to extract actionable insights and enable a personalized dining experience. Before moving into the Data Science space, Sudeep was an Astrophysicist (Princeton PhD, UC Berkeley postdoc) researching the properties of the early universe, and co-authored about 60 papers with 2500 citations. He is an avid traveler, a food and coffee enthusiast, and always looking to learn new things!