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A developer’s guide to graph visualization


Graph theory, once a relatively obscure branch of mathematics, is enjoying a boom. An entire ecosystem of startups and applications have turned to graph technologies to make sense of messy real-world data structures. The developers building these applications often need a GUI to see their graphs, either to help build the property graph model, or to expose their data to business users. This session will help developers who need to choose a suitable web-based graph visualization solution, or who wish to build their own. Corey will begin with an overview of the graph visualization options already available - from open-source libraries like D3, SigmaJS and Cytoscape.js through to commercial SDKs and off-the-shelf applications. He will explain the underlying technologies, shortcomings and advantages of each option, using examples and demos when possible. The second half of the talk will focus on developers looking to build their own solution. Based on his experience working with JavaScript and HTML5 data visualization technologies, Corey will offer tips and guidance on: Choosing the right rendering option (HTML5 Canvas or SVG?) Achieving visual effects with Canvas Choosing the right JavaScript engine Adding interactivity with the game loop (requestActionFrame) Optimising code to hit the smooth 16fps frame rate


Corey has a distinguished background in graph visualization. Over the last 15 years he has managed technical and business relationships with dozens of the largest defense and intelligence agencies in North America, in addition to working with many security and anti-fraud organizations in private industry. Prior to joining Cambridge Intelligence as their US Manager, Corey was helping the customers of i2 (now IBM) and SS8 to solve their most complex graph data challenges.