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Applied Data Science in Ecommerce: case studies from PayPal and Hotwire


In this talk I will cover how using Hadoop, Spark, external data sources, and clever algorithms enables PayPal and Hotwire to get a big return on Data Science investments.


Veronika Belokhvostova is the VP of Analytics and Strategy at Hotwire. In her role, Veronika oversees Marketing Analytics, Product Analytics, Sales Analytics, BI, and Strategy. These teams leverage cutting edge analytics tools and techniques to optimize Hotwire investments into Marketing, Product, and Sales efforts and to improve customer experience. Before Hotwire, Veronika spent 13 years in eCommerce and Financial services. She spent 6 years at PayPal and eBay where she led an elite analytics and strategy team focused on projects sponsored by the PayPal President and GMs in North America, Europe and Asia. (See her interview with the MIT Sloan Management Review: She was also part of the Risk Management team at PayPal. Before PayPal, Veronika worked at Deloitte, in the Economic Consulting practice, and Ariba. Veronika wrote “RosettaNet and ebXML: Betting on the Right eBusiness Standard” case for the Harvard Business School. She regularly speaks at major analytics conferences. Veronika holds a BA with Honors in Economics and a minor in Computer Science from Stanford University and an MBA with Honors from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.