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Semantic Technology for Interoperability of the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things means many things to different people, but they all require interoperability – not just connectivity – among the components. This talk will present the use of semantic web technology, using OWL and SPARQL, to model and process the metadata needed to provide the context to support interoperability. A scalable framework for sharing information among heterogeneous information sources will be described. This approach has been implemented as a proof of concept in several domains including smart sensor networks and social referral services. A semantic approach offers a richer representation that also supports automated reasoning as an aid to better exchange contextual meaning, not just data. Finally, a brief review of the state of emerging interoperability standards for the Internet of Things will be given.


Dr. Steven Ray is a Distinguished Research Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University, where he researches information interoperability and standards in the smart electrical grid, the Internet of Things, manufacturing, and medical devices. He has a twenty-seven year track record of initiating and leading technical R&D projects related to information standards at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland. A common theme of his work is the use of ontologies and formal representations to ensure unambiguous definitions of terms and relations.