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Big Data in Travel - Real-time Analytics with Kafka, Spark, and Druid


Mafengwo is the largest online travel community in China, with over 80 million online and mobile users. In this talk, I will present Mafengwo's data strategy, its real-time Kappa data architecture, and use cases for predictive analytics in the travel industry.


Jin is VP Engineering and Chief Architect at Mafengwo, the largest online travel portal in China with over 80 million online and mobile users. Previously, Jin was VP Engineering and Chief Architect at OpenX, responsible for the company’s data strategy, mobile product line, and overall architecture, consisting of more than 6000 servers and 10PB of data distributed in 5 global data centers. Jin is also a serial entrepreneur, co-founded two startups, Portaura in social mobile big data and Martsoft in e-commerce search engine. He also spent a number of years in HP/DEC Systems Research Center, one of the top research labs in the world, where he worked in browser technology, search engine, multimedia, and file systems. Jin holds PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from UNSW and BS in Computer Sciences and BA in Mathematics from UT Austin. He has published papers and gave keynote speeches in numerous major international conferences.