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Data Analysis and Graphics using R


Data analysis refers to hands-on data exploration and evaluation of data. Latest trends in data analysis are – data mining, machine learning and analytics. These emphasize on new types of data, new data analysis demands, new data analysis tools, and big data sets that may be of unprecedented size. Textual data and image data also offer interesting new challenges for data analysis. The best any data analysis can do is to highlight the information in the data. There are many data analysis tools (viz. Python, R etc.) available for effective data analysis and visual representation of that analysis. In this talk, we would use R to discuss data analysis techniques. We would explore the statistical analyses, machine learning models, different plotting techniques and graphics in R. Pre-requisites: Please have open source RStudio Desktop ( installed to follow along with hands-on code.


Anusua Trivedi is a Data Scientist at Microsoft’s Cloud AI Platform Team. She works on developing advanced Deep Learning models & AI solutions. She’s an advanced trainer and conducts hands-on deep learning labs. Prior to joining Microsoft, Anusua has held positions with UT Austin and University of Utah. Anusua is a frequent speaker at machine learning and AI conferences.