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Cloud Infrastructure For Big Data Projects


From EMR to MongoDB scale has started to become an entirely vertical phenomenon. How can you manage this? What tools are available to make this sprawling infrastructure more easily subdued. In this talk we'll walk through the steps for building a BIG data pipeline in the cloud using MongoDB and EMR. We'll cover everything from cost to operations per second.


J. Randall Hunt Developer Advocate and Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services in New York City. Python is his favorite language but he can sometimes be found in the dark realm of C++. Randall loves databases and enjoys talking about them from the developer perspective. Author of gitshots, a ridiculous and amusing platform for sharing git commits. Contributor to MongoDB and lots of other open source tools and libraries. Formerly of MongoDB, hackNY, and NASA. A total space nerd. Past speaking experience: “Innovation Addiction”. IC3 Keynote October 2014 “Git Object Model”. “A Century of Weather Data”. July 2014, PyGotham August 2014 “Replication”. MongoNYC May 2013 “Building Your First MongoDB Application”. PyCarolinas in October 2012 A History Of Databases talk at NYC Demo Days September 2013 Various talks on topics including MongoDB schema design, replication, sharding, and the aggregation framework. 2011-2014 MongoDB training sessions, with between 6 and 20 students, lasting 2 or 3 full days, given several times during 2012-2014. Videos of me speaking: Talk at MongoNYC 2013 on Replication: PyGotham century of weather data: