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Connecting the dots, towards a universal collaborative data science platform. ElasticR is a virtual data science platform enabling everyone to use cloud computing seamlessly and work with R, python and many other scientific computing tools in a productive, collaborative and agile way. ElasticR takes care transparently of security, resources creation and management, connectivity and sharing and helps federating and leveraging all available compute facilities could they be supercomputers, public or private clouds, clusters, PCs or cheap computing devices. The platform makes everything programmable, traceable and reproducible in a consistent manner. It includes an innovative framework for highly dynamic and scriptable science gateways design and publication that anyone can use without prior IT knowledge. With ElasticR, the R language for programming with data becomes also a tool for architecting, deploying and sharing data science infrastructures, applications and services. ElasticR aims at making the interaction between scientists and the compute technologies and tools easier than ever. By reducing the frictions that limit researchers' productivity and their ability to access and analyse data and share computational artifacts, by including real-time collaboration and social networking as core features embedded from the ground-up, the new platform lays the groundwork for a new data science-centric ecosystem. The presentation will be an overview of the concepts and architectures behind ElasticR and will include a live demo of key use cases.


Karim Chine is a London-based software architect and entrepreneur with a background in theoretical physics. After graduating from the French Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom ParisTech, he has held positions within academic research laboratories and industrial R&D departments including Imperial College London, EBI, IBM and Schlumberger. Karim's interests include large scale distributed software design, cloud computing's applications in research and education, open-source software ecosystems and open science. Since 2009, he has been collaborating with the European Commission as an independent expert for the research e-infrastructure program and for the future and emerging technologies program. He has been an evaluator and a reviewer of many of EU’s flagship projects related to grids, desktop grids, scientific clouds and science gateways. Karim is the author and designer of ElasticR, a Virtual Research Environments factory enabling clouds federation, advanced data analysis, rapid data science applications/services prototyping, reproducible research and real-time collaboration.