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Data Analysis Workshop


Using the Cloudera Quickstart VM, this hands-on lab goes through the process of working with data, using the most-common data analysis tools in the Hadoop ecosystem. The participants will start by learning about the Hadoop architecture; move on to data management with HDFS; do some basic analysis with Hadoop streaming; and wrap up with some higher-level analysis, using Pig, Hive, and Impala.


Daniel works in the Cloudera training team building Cloudera’s developer and data science Cloudera Certified Professional certifications. Daniel also has a long history as a software engineer in the high performance computing space and has been kicking around big data since about 2009. Prior to Cloudera, Daniel spent more than a decade at Sun doing various engineering and product management roles and speaking at conferences. Daniel has a BE in EE/CS from Vanderbilt and an MSCS from Stanford.