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What kind of data are you sitting on – a gold mine or a land mine?


There is so much hype on the topic of Big Data that it can be hard for companies to decipher between what’s realistic and what’s merely idealistic when it comes to leveraging all their data. As companies start to track and store massive heaps of device data such as every click on a website, text message, or blip on the stock market, they need to determine if they are sitting on fools gold or gold dust! In this preso, people will learn: • Why this big data stuff is hard and confusing • What is doable vs dubious today • Why your old assumptions (like security) are not always valid with this new tech • Best practices for getting started, building expertise, and gaining quick value


James Dixon is a founder and the Chief Geek (CTO) of Pentaho, where he is responsible for Pentaho's architecture and technology roadmap. James has over 20 years of professional experience in software architecture, development and systems consulting. Prior to Pentaho, James held key technical roles at AppSource Corporation (acquired by Arbor Software which later merged into Hyperion Solutions) and Keyola (acquired by Lawson Software). Earlier in his career, James was a technology consultant working with large and small firms to deliver the benefits of innovative technology in real-world environments.