Speaker "Sanjay Kalra" Details Back



Network Security is Failing!!


The companies have spent a lot of time in recent history building higher and bigger castle walls to provide network security, which has not helped. The security analysts inundated with alerts coming from security equipment, which cannot be, processed effectively. New behavioral security is still unproven and will add to the problem with false positives.


Sanjay is founder of Lacework. Sanjay brings more than 16 years of product marketing experience and was responsible for product management and technical and product marketing at Guavus. Prior to joining Guavus, Sanjay was senior director of the product management branch business unit at Juniper Networks. He was responsible for managing business strategy, mergers and acquisitions, product roadmap, business planning, marketing forecasting and business development. In addition, he has held senior positions at Cisco Systems and ACC. He holds seven invention patents in the fields of networking and security. Sanjay earned an MBA from Santa Clara University, an MSEE from USC and a B.S. from NIT Warangal.