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Revolutionizing Cyber Security w/ Data Science


Cyber Security is a big challenge for Enterprise customers.  Consider today’s enterprise – it is filled with security tools most of whose underlying technology and principles are ten or more years old.  At high level there are two classes of attacks - external cyber attacks and insider threats. With cyber criminals to nation state attacks the threat landscape has dramatically changed and it is constantly evolving. The security breaches are undetected because lack of next-gen threat detection products and technologies. Enterprise customers are demanding next-generation solutions  for early breach threat detection, continuous, proactive threat monitoring, detection and prevention. The advent of new class of Cyber Attacks has increased the bar on the type of threat detection required to correlate indicators of compromise at large scale. These new security analytics need to take into account real-time and batch machine learning algorithms in a unique way to uncover the stealth characteristics of cyber attacks.


Muddu Sudhakar is a seasoned and successful entrepreneur. Muddu was VP & GM at VMware and Pivotal from 2010 to 2014 for Big Data Analytics and Cloud Services. At VMware and Pivotal he had responsibility for wide range of projects Big Data Analytics, Cloud Services, Software-defined Storage, Mobile Security at VMware. Muddu was co-founder and CEO of Cetas which was acquired by VMware in 2012. At EMC he was Chief Strategy Advisor & VP/GM for Cloud Information Services. His work involved Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Information Services at EMC. Muddu was CEO and Founder of Kazeon from 2003 to 2010, which was acquired by EMC. Muddu lead Kazeon to be a leader in Information Security, eDiscovery, and Enterprise Search markets. Sudhakar holds a PhD and MS in Computer Science from UCLA. He is widely published in industry journals and conference proceedings and has more than 20 patents in Analytics, Cloud Services, Enterprise Search, Information Management, Distributed systems, Storage technologies, SAN/NAS, Server technologies, Virtualization, Search, Information security, Networking technology and VLSI chip design.