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IOT: Everything We Don't See


We lead our lives surrounded by simple technology.  Door knobs, light bulbs, appliances, thermostats, trash cans, traffic signals, sprinklers, toasters--technology that we use daily but which is invisible to us.   The next generation of technology however is not about faster smart phones.  It's about the simple technology that quietly does its job without us really even knowing it's there.  Offices that adjust their lighting when the sun streams in.  Homes the reduce heating when no one is home.  Fire extinguishers that announce their location when they are used.  IOT is not about adding big screens or new categories, its about quietly making the devices that already surround us a more useful…and sometimes little things can make for big ideas.


Dr. Kevin A. Shaw has been working in the field of MEMS and Sensors for 25 years. His degrees include a Ph.D. in MEMS from Cornell University and a M.S. Mgmt from Stanford Graduate School of Business. He worked at Kionix Inc. designing & building MEMS inertial sensors and at Calient Networks building MEMS optical switches. In 2007, he joined Sensor Platforms to build algorithms for MEMS sensors and became CTO in 2009. Sensor Platforms was acquired in 2014 by Audience, Inc. where is now Director of Business Development for Motion Software products. He has 28 US patents in MEMS, sensors and algorithms.