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Designers Guide To Wearables



As the wearable technology industry matures, trends in user interface design frameworks and patterns are emerging in several different directions, depending heavily on device form factors. This has created a fragmented market in need of a unifying set of user interface design guidelines.

In this class, we will dissect real-world examples that highlight six key principles, which are the foundation of a winning wearable service experience:

• Interface Glancability

We’ll explore user activities that dictate the degree and severity of how much information needs to be digested, and the ideal interaction duration.

• The Transition From Ambient to Personal Displays

Wearable displays must negotiate contextual information states that range from ambient semi-public information to deeply personal depictions of the user’s private data. 

• The Right Data at the Right Time 

Unwanted personal information on a wearable is the equivalent of a banner ad. How can new technologies in wearable devices sense their situational surrounds and adjust content accordingly to provide a better experience?

• Reusable Formats

Design patterns should be standardized and reusable to create consistency throughout the wearables ecosystem. We’ll explore UI trends from card design to microformats and how they can be leveraged in a wearable experience. 

• Consistency Across Channels

Mind the gaps. Developing seamless transitions across channels in a service is table stakes when designing for wearable-based services. 

• Non-visual UI

Hard keys and Soft keys to No keys. The landscape in technology is evolving to where a number of devices don’t need physical screens or traditional input methods. We’ll unpack the potential for current systems to make this cross-over.


Peter is a copywriter, entrepreneur, project manager, content strategist turned interaction designer. After having opened his own business and spending time at agencies in a variety of roles, he brings with him a well-rounded understanding for the full lifecycle of a project. As a senior interaction designer at Fjord based out of San Francisco, he has a deep understanding for digital and interactive services, having worked with clients including Google, Apple, Disney, Wells Fargo, and Sephora to help them deliver better experiences to their customers. Peter is passionate about experimenting with new technologies and collaboration collating his different skills, expertise, and points of view in order to design the best possible solution for the user.