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The Amazing Power of Massively Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms


This talk will address how evolutionary algorithms will reshape the big data market. This innovative technology will enable organizations to extract higher value out of the data they are already collecting and make intelligent, bias-free decisions with that data. An evolutionary algorithm (EA) applies principles of biological evolution to problem solving. The use cases are almost endless, addressing everything from medical research, energy exploration, crop forecasting and much more. Evolutionary algorithms have been limited by computational complexity, but what if we could scale computing to run on millions of nodes to power EAs, turning big data into smart decision-making through massively distributed scalable deep learning? The Age of Possible has never been closer to our fingertips. Sentient is collaborating with the world’s leading academic institutions to test and expand the use of EAs to continually advance the science and application of evolutionary computation and Distributed AI.


Babak Hodjat is co-founder and chief scientist of Sentient, responsible for the core technology behind the world’s largest distributed artificial intelligence system. Babak is a serial entrepreneur, having started a number of Silicon Valley companies as main inventor and technologist. Prior to co-founding Sentient, Babak was senior director of engineering at Sybase iAnywhere, where he led mobile solutions engineering. Prior to Sybase, Babak was co-founder, CTO and board member of Dejima Inc., acquired by Sybase in April 2004. Babak is the primary inventor of Dejima’s patented, agent-oriented technology applied to intelligent interfaces for mobile and enterprise computing – the technology behind Apple’s Siri. Babak is a published scholar in the fields of Artificial Life, Agent-Oriented Software Engineering, and Distributed Artificial Intelligence, and has 25 granted or pending patents to his name. Babak holds a PhD in Machine Intelligence from Kyushu University, in Fukuoka, Japan.