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The Science of Messaging


In this talk, we will explore questions related to how a message spreads: What is the average life span of a message? How does the average life span differ among different verticals? What is the shape of consumption of a message? How do you predict the consumption shape of a message? How do you use social media to influence the life span and consumption shape of a message? etc.


Yan Qu is VP of Data Science and Chief Scientist at ShareThis, where she leads the data science initiatives. She has designed Social Quality Index (SQI) - a unique metric for valuing the social activity that occurs around online content. SQI won the Adweek Project Issac Award and has been adopted by major ad agencies for media planning purposes. Previously, she headed the Advanced Research team at AOL's unit, where she pioneered the "lookalike" and predictive modeling techniques for the company. She holds 15 patents in the areas of online advertising, predictive modeling, large scale data analytics, social network structures, social quality, and text mining. Yan was named one of Fortune’s Big Data All-Stars in 2014. Yan holds a an M.S. in Computational Linguistics and a PhD in Information and Language Technologies from Carnegie Mellon University, and an M.S. in Linguistics from Tsinghua University in Beijing.